Aysha J Khan responds to Rina Saeed Khan” We shall cherish Chilas”

We shall cherish Chilas

As the whole world is taken aback by the horrific killing of the 10 foreign
tourists and one of their local cook cum guide at the Diamori point of  remote  Bunar nala in Diamer district ,Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The people of Chilas (the nearest village known as the headquarter of diamer district) condemn it as humanly as possible and our hearts go out the families of victims. If this is all not enough to shake the conscious of common Pakistani than
what can?

Pakistan is undeniably in the whirlpool of chaos and violence now the very victims happen to be our foreign guests, the adventurous, fun
loving mountaineers who are a joy to have. My hometown the much loved, spread out in a tiny valley across rugged mountains along the
Karakorum highway of Pakistan en route to Gilgit is the place which is bearing all the heat, the circumstances there is as baffling for us as
it is for anybody else.

When I came across a disturbing blog post written by Rina Saeed Khan  called” why I hate Chilas http://www.dawn.com/news/1022046/why-i-hate-chilas”, in another situation I would completely disregard it, but since it is a spiteful attack on my village, region and people it’s my moral duty to enlighten the folks who just make assumptions on mere heresy. I would think its natural to spend time in chilas,get to know people,the area, environment then write, but the self proclaimed journalist
and environmentalist  who proudly rants a whole list of biased accusations against Chilas, its people, does not even spare the
children, and continues on a 3 page, half true ill informed piece, based on frantic visits while passing through the area
I am shocked at the approach of the ‘civilized and educated’ person who writes such a juvenile, maliciously intended article – which not
only promotes hate but also serves as an attempt at polarizing the very sensitive region of Gilgit Baltistan. The piece of writing does
not only give a distorted impression of a region and people, but although the tourist killing is not a sectarian issue but she has also
tried to instigate sectarian disharmony by highlighting the Shia Sunni tensed past, which is particularly troubling and raises serious
questions about her objective.

Diamer has a tribal culture, they live by their strict customs and traditions but that should not alienate them from rest of country,
indeed we find similar cultural norms elsewhere in Pakistan such as Balochistan, KPK and parts of Sindh. Having an approximate population of 200, 000, the district has a challenging terrain with pockets of population living inside mountainous landscape called Nalas. rampant very poor and backward area, which is prevalent everywhere. It is of the essence to mention that the two high profile figures of Diamer have been awarded the Sitara-e- Imtiaz (highest Medal of Honor by Pakistan) by the government of Pakistan people’s Party recommended by then Interior  Minister Rehman Malik for their peace efforts in the region namely Inayatullah Shumali and Qazi Inayatullah.(The only two to receive it from GB).The grand peace jirga of Diamer consisting of the elders of community, the political, religious and civil society all have stood together assisting government in finding killers of the recent incidents including the Nanga Parbat incident and killings of passengers on KKH.
The tragic incident of tourist killing has been an eye opener to the people of Chilas. We do not overlook the possibility that a few people
might have acted as facilitator for which whole community cannot be condemned. There are always criminal elements in every society. Today there is a growing perception among the public is that there seem to be efforts to drag G-B in the wider war on terror. For that purpose local people are being used in a series of heart breaking events over the past 3 years.

Who resisted Taliban infiltration into GB? It is a question or the writer to answer in the same blog where she has mostly spitted venom against a place, town, district and a region that stood unanimously to push back the fast advancement of the TTP. Karachi is worst hit by terrorists activities than we should hate Karachi, its people, its soil and everything, and so in case of other metropolitan cities. Surely, this will kind of analogy for judging people of the area will stand no ground

Diamer is neighbor to Kohistan, which is part of Khyber – Pakhtunkhwa. In the past when Taliban insurgency was in full swing in Swat valley, who stoped militants infiltration into GB? Was it police, GB Scouts or any other force? It were the people of Chilas and Diamer who stood rock solid and blocked Taliban access to GB. If they had a slightest of cooperation, the situation of GB would be different today. We
should therefore owe this to Diamer. Bad things should be condemned irrespective of where they are and who does those. The GB should also not forget the feat of Diamer people when they protected, nourished and safely transported 300 men, women and children stuck in Buner das last year after mob killed 10 passengers. The violence erupted when a rally in Gilgit was attacked by hand grenade, leaving 5 dead and 60 people injured critically. Except for the two major incidents, Lets us have an honest look whether in 65 year of history of Diamer has ever been foreigners been attacked. The answer is no.
My country has endured the challenges of prolonged dictatorships-martial laws, The 71 partition from Bangladesh, the Afghan war, the shaky and fragile episodes of democracy and then the very fruits of war on terror that has victimized Pakistanis more than ever. We don’t need more suffering or more defamation in international community by acts of terror.

As the peace loving and the exceptionally loyal people of  GB, we shall not allow any tragic incident as a pretext to legitimize
extremism in Gilgit Baltistan neither shall  GB be pulled in any fanatic agendas which we do not advocate nor promote in
any way. The region must be uplifted and brought into national or regional realm to diminish the radical ideas flourishing there. Let’s
not be quick to judge an entire population on the basis of a few tragic incidents- and let the harmonizing ideas and endeavors prevail.

“And when in Chilas, the nights are especially beautiful, the stars
brighter, the sky more lucid and the peace that surrounds it more


The writer is a Human rights/Peace activist/Philanthropist,

based in Islamabad and belongs to
Diamer district of  Gilgit Baltistan
She can be reached at Ayesha_gpp@hotmail.com

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When you resume contribution in nation building

Long period passed quietly and than a soul descended on earth to wake  me up and reminded me of promises to not lay down arms (pen) in the fight against evil Powers. Say a new birth I am bestowed with renewed commitment of protecting free speech,no matter, what pave to pay and what it  shall cost me. Surrounded by congested minds and encircled by narrow valleys, I find myself more determined  towards sending posts. It might bring tough moments right from the monarch to clergy. Babus would get hurt and my words would pinch their comfort but the voice will echo in the mountains that shall also be heard elsewhere.

The editors are deserving to have the credit for pushing me to restart blogging so as to reflect upon what is happening around.

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The City I love most

Couple of days back when I touched down Jinah terminal one of a passenger advised me to have some guidance to stay safer while stay at Karachi.

I smiled quietly as it was the city which taught me a lot and while nodding on his suggestion i was diving in the memories of Past.

As I came out of terminal a hot wave of air slapped me which heralded about the warmest weather of city.

The lights in the city of quaid were glimmering as they did in past but elsewhere there were fears and worries as phone calls followed one by one which only advised me to care while travelling.

I was surprised to hear from a friend that being a Pushtoon I must not go to some places to avoid untoward incidents.

But I had to go all those places which are taken out of bone for Pushtoons.


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Proud daughters of Lalik Jan Shaheed (Nishan Haider) Amina and Rubina.


They are not feeling remorse for loosing father rather they are proud of the sacrifice of their father and say they feel proud for being daughter of a person who laid down their life for country. I was too happy to spend more than one hour with these two girls.We exchanged views and I am really proud of them.I asked a lot of academic questions which were all replied to leave me astonished. Younger Rubina is thinking about write a book on her father.Both are in native village Hundur, Yasin valley to attend the official function on the graveyard of Lalik Jan on Sep 6.